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Getting these done slowwwlyy uvu

P4 Week Day 2: character in a different costume

Chie in a boys’ yasogami uniform

(because she’d totally rock it)



rndmco asked:

Hay chie, I bought some steak but it seems too much for me so i decided to share it with you.

kawaiiotakufox asked:

*pokes fingers together blushing* c-can I hug you Chie?

(Source: pixiv.net)

windsandgears asked:

"I'm so sorry! I seem to have mistaken you for someone else."

henshin-a-jojo-baby asked:

*hands over a beef bowl* DON'T HURT ME

windsandgears asked:

"► Give me a hug." Gear demanded, puffing out his chest.

ruxas asked:

*pinches butt*


(Source: pixiv.net)

(Source: pixiv.net)